Whether this is your first pregnancy or 10th pregnancy, every woman should have at least one maternity photo done at least once. Yes, you may feel self-conscious about yourself. Yes, getting photos done maybe troublesome. Yes, photos are expensive, etcetera. Please do not let that mind of yours talk you out of capturing one of the most beautiful and important seasons of your life.

My most favorite photos are my maternity photos for both my pregnancies. At the time of my pregnancy, I did not think I need or want them. As much as my husband tried to convince me that I did not need maternity photos, looking back I am SO glad I did not listen to him and got my maternity photos done

I hope this post motivate you to take the dive and get those maternity portraits done! Whether you like the fancy glamours maternity photos or the casual ones. You can find a maternity photographer near you.

1. Maternity photographers provide outfits

Nowadays, there are so many maternity photographers who provides beautiful maternity gowns from fancy glamourous to Levi jeans to Boho styles. Simply search on your web for "maternity photographers near me" and you will find all style photographers. Many times photographers offer make-up and hair for an additional cost. Which means, all you have to worry about is get yourself there and everything will be taken care of for you.

2. Research your photographers.

Maternity photos can be taken in studio and/or outdoors. Are you into photos that are bold in colors or light and airy? Make sure you find the photographers that fits your style before signing the contract. Every photographer is invested in certain type of shoots. It is a good idea to make sure your photographer is trained in capturing maternity portraits. You are paying a good penny so make sure it is what you want.

3. Personalize your shoot with your own props.

If you want to incorporate your ultrasounds or a pair of baby shoes or outfit. Make sure you bring this up with your maternity photographer prior to your shoot. You may even send some Pinterest inspirations to your photographer prior to your shoot that way your photographer is on the same page.

4. Pamper yourself and make a thing out of it.

Listen, if you are going to doll yourself up... don't forget about your manicure and pedicure. The pudding is in the detail. Sometimes we are so busy with the big picture we sometimes forget the little things. Since you are all dolled up anyways, make that reservation and go on that date with your significant other. Enjoy each other's company before baby comes. It's not often you get dolled up and go on a date with the one you love and making a family with.

Maternity photos are a wonderful way for a woman to capture the beauty and joy of pregnancy, and to celebrate this special time in her life. There are many reasons why a woman should not overlook maternity photos, including:

  1. To remember this special time: Pregnancy is a unique and transformative experience, and taking maternity photos can help a woman remember this time in her life for years to come.
  2. To share with family and friends: Maternity photos can be shared with loved ones, including grandparents, siblings, and close friends, who may not be able to be present during the pregnancy.
  3. To celebrate the journey: Pregnancy is not always easy, and taking maternity photos can be a way for a woman to celebrate her strength and resilience throughout the journey.
  4. To bond with the baby: Taking maternity photos can be a way for a woman to connect with her growing baby, and to begin the process of bonding before the baby is born.
  5. To embrace her body: Pregnancy can be a time when a woman's body undergoes significant changes, and taking maternity photos can be a way for her to embrace and celebrate these changes.

Overall, maternity photos can be a beautiful and meaningful way for a woman to document and celebrate this special time in her life.